At Wise Child Studios, we’re flipping the script on an industry where the best creative ideas—and creatives themselves—often get sidelined. 

Uniquely offering the tools and expertise of a larger production company while delivering the client-centric attention of a boutique shop, we work closely with our partners to overcome industry stumbling blocks, attentively shepherding projects through every stage of the development and production process, from inception to distribution.

True to our moniker, Wise Child is dedicated to producing premium, thought-provoking, and character-driven stories, with just the right amount of wit, irreverence, and charm.

Documentary Series

State of Deceit

When government secrets become government lies and lives are stake, there is no accountability in the shadows, and the truth must be exposed.

Documentary Series

Big F’ing Positive

With exclusive access to the eccentric IVF doctor Mick Jagger calls “The Inseminator,” and his SoCal practice, welcome to a rollercoaster ride of hope, heart, and humor as a colorful cast of parent hopefuls go to extraordinary lengths to make a baby on their own terms.

Scripted Feature

No hard times

Battling a two-front war against terminal illness and obscurity, Jimmie Rodgers, the former railroad worker turned legendary father of country music and great-grandfather of rock’n’roll, makes his way from Texas to New York City on his deathbed to record one final album.



His mysterious death was ruled a suicide, but the parents of 12-year old Shaun Daugherty aren’t convinced and are now launching their own investigation into a world of alleged police corruption and cover-ups, determined to find their son’s true killer.

Scripted Feature

Pardon my wrath

After barely surviving a brutal racially-driven attack, a vengeful Black actress returns to the lunacy of Hollywood, determined to turn her trauma into a killer Oscar-bait film.

Documentary Feature

Doctor Hollywood

The untold story of the “mother of media psychology” turned celebrity, who sparked a feminist fury and the ire of the American Psychological Association’s, forever changing the health and media landscape.

Documentary Series

I Know Who Killed Grandma

The 1987 cold case murder of 84-year old Eleanor Swift unexpectedly heats up when her grandson jumps into the investigation, leaving no stone unturned, even questioning his own family members to find the murderer.

Scripted Series

Candy Store

Based on an unbelievable true story, a husband and wife’s new store – and its secret, fetishistic backroom - brings both ecstasy and tragedy to their quiet suburban community.

Documentary Series

Teens for Profit

Harrowing firsthand accounts from survivors and insiders expose the dark underbelly of the Troubled Teens Industry, revealing a network of corruption and exploitation that's left a trail of shattered lives in its wake.


Dad Didn’t Do It

A prominent small-town doctor, twice convicted of murdering his wife, finds an unlikely defender in their four children, fighting to free him and hold accountable the power-hungry prosecutor who will stop at nothing to win.

Documentary Short

Shell Shocked

Between the shouts of “clean coal” and “safe renewables,” a divided community in a small Pennsylvania factory town fights for survival amid promises of economic revival and fears of environmental devastation with the opening of a new Shell oil plant.